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Innovative. Secure. Transparent. $GQR is leading the way in QR code generation, harnessing the potential of blockchain technology to redefine digital interactions. Join us on our journey to transform the future of transactions and accessibility

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GenQR is proud to announce our partnership with, a leading provider of QR code generation services. This collaboration enables us to offer enhanced QR code functionalities to our users and clients, empowering them to leverage the latest in QR code technology.


Feature Packed Utility Token $GQR

Secure Payment Transactions

Illustrate how GQR facilitates secure peer-to-peer and merchant transactions through QR code payments, eliminating the need for traditional payment methods.

Access Control

Showcase how GQR enables access control mechanisms through QR code authentication, providing a convenient and secure solution for identity verification and authorization.

Asset Tracking

Demonstrate how businesses can utilize GQR for asset tracking and management, allowing them to monitor the movement and status of their assets through QR code labelling.

Healthcare Data Management

Illustrate how GQR provides a secure and decentralized platform for managing healthcare data, ensuring privacy and accessibility for healthcare providers and patients.

Authentication & Authorization

Showcase GQR’s role as a secure authentication and authorization mechanism for digital services, eliminating the need for traditional login credentials.

Smart Contracts Execution

Demonstrate how GQR facilitates the execution of smart contracts through QR code interactions, enabling users to initiate and execute predefined actions seamlessly.

Event Ticketing

Highlight the use of GQR for secure and tamper-resistant event ticketing, enabling organizers to track ticket sales, verify authenticity, and prevent counterfeit tickets.

Supply Chain Management

Show how GQR offers a transparent and traceable solution for supply chain management, allowing stakeholders to track the movement of goods and verify authenticity.

Loyalty Programs

Explore how GQR enhances loyalty programs by enabling merchants to issue QR code-based rewards to customers, fostering customer engagement and retention.

Features and Partnerships

Blockchain-Powered QR Revolution

Transforming QR codes with blockchain technology for enhanced security, transparency, and efficiency

GQR leads the charge in revolutionizing QR code generation through the power of Ethereum blockchain. By deploying smart contracts, GQR engineers a paradigm shift towards greater transparency, security, and efficiency in every transaction. By eliminating intermediaries, GQR fosters an environment of trust and integrity while providing unparalleled cost-effectiveness. The GQR utility token serves as the cornerstone of this visionary ecosystem, seamlessly facilitating QR code generation with unmatched efficiency and reliability, shaping the future of digital interactions.

Centralized QR Vulnerabilities

Unveiling the vulnerabilities of centralized QR platforms and paving the way for decentralized solutions.

In a landscape dominated by centralized platforms, GQR leads the charge with decentralized solutions, mitigating security risks and expanding interoperability. By embracing decentralization, GQR revolutionizes QR code generation, offering enhanced security, transparency, and adaptability across various industries and applications.

QR Revolution with Blockchain

Transforming QR code generation with Ethereum blockchain for enhanced transparency, security, and efficiency.

GQR stands as the vanguard in reshaping QR code generation, harnessing the transformative power of Ethereum blockchain. By employing smart contracts, GQR not only guarantees unparalleled transparency, security, and trust but also streamlines processes, eliminating intermediaries and optimizing efficiency. Embracing blockchain technology, GQR sets the standard for innovative, secure, and efficient QR code solutions.

Blockchain – Philosophy Redefined

The blockchain is a distributed network that solves all the problems that we have of finance, but more broadly, it’s like a philosophy. It’s a way of life.
Mike Cernovich
American media personality

Phase 1: Sep, 2023

Conceptualization & Development Kickoff

Brainstorming innovative ideas and conceptualizing the QR code generator website.

Researching market needs, user preferences, and technological feasibility.

Initiating the development process with a dedicated team to shape the project’s foundation.

Phase 2: Dec, 2023

Launching MVP & Testing Grounds

Building and launching the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for initial user feedback.

Conducting rigorous testing to ensure functionality, security, and user experience.

Iterating based on user input to refine the product for optimal performance.

Phase 3: April, 2024

Token Sale & Community Expansion

Initiating the token sale to fuel project development and sustainability.

Engaging with the community through marketing efforts, social media, and outreach programs.

Establishing partnerships and collaborations to broaden the project’s reach and impact.

Phase 4: Nov, 2024

Transition to Main Product & Premium Versions

Scaling up the infrastructure and features to transition to the mainnet and premium product.

Introducing premium versions with enhanced functionalities and advanced features.

Focusing on customer satisfaction and retention through continuous improvement and support.

Phase 5: Feb, 2025

Mobile App Development & Market Expansion

Developing Android and iOS mobile applications to reach a wider audience.

Expanding into new markets and geographical regions to increase adoption.

Providing seamless integration between the web platform and mobile apps for a unified user experience.

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